New Build

SAM Joinery know what is involved in building and that is why we make the process as easy as possible to enable you to have your dream construction become a reality.

We oversee the work from beginning to end and keep you up to date along the way, this way you will know exactly where we are up to and there are no surprises.

Your project is your dream, we know that you want it to be perfect and that is why we only employ dedicated time served builders and joiners to work on your construction.

From the foundations to the brickwork, the plastering to window fitting and from the electric to the roofing SAM Joinery will finish your building to the highest standards.

All the skill sets that are required to fulfil the job are already at SAM Joinery, so from project management to site survey we have all the tools to do the job in house. We also will keep you up to date with a week by week journal of work completion.

Ant deviations will be discussed and with you before any less or extra work is done, therefore we keep the costs to a minimum and keep the time it take down as well.

Ask any of our past clients how well we work, we are not shy at giving you recommendations from real people that have used us in the past. Whether you are building a contemporary or traditional construction, we have the manpower with all the right skills to do you proud.

Please take a moment to look at our past projects and gallery for evidence of our previous work, if you want to contact us click here.